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At Midnight on 31st August 1974 Radio Caroline and her Dutch counterpart Radio Mi Amigo found themselves again alone as Veronica, RNI & Atlantis all closed down due to the Dutch equivalent of the UK Marine Offences Act coming into force.

Earlier that evening from a peaceful North Sea off Essex, where the Caroline ship Mi Amigo had relocated from Holland, Tony Allan entertained us with one of his inimitable broadcasts. Bonus track of Tony’s tribute to offshore stations and staff after midnight.

Over 50 minutes of  Classic 70’s Caroline from one of the Masters.

Jack Spector was a former Brooklyn Dodger who had become a big American radio star on WMCA, New York. In 1965 he began hosting a taped daily show, recorded in the United States, which went out on both Radio Caroline ships. It was the nearest most British listeners would get to hearing true American Top 40 Radio. Compared to the more sedate sound of UK radio, it was truly wild. Jack would yell, ring bells, throw in sound effects and every word was drenched in echo. Enjoy this rare studio recording of Jack, catch phrases and all, from one of his last shows for Caroline. We believe this was only aired on Caroline North on 15th June 1966.

59 minutes of Classic 60’s radio from one of the Masters.

These recordings of Caroline South are from March & April 1966, when the switch, 199 metres to 259 metres, was made.  A change of frequency and an increase in power from had been planned for months but the circumstances of the change were certainly not planned!

In a heavy storm on the night of 19th January, 1966, the Mi Amigo lost its anchorage and ran aground at Holland Haven, lying broadside to the waves. The DJ’s, Tom Lodge, Tony Blackburn, Dave Lee Travis, Graham Webb and Norman St. John, were all rescued from the ship by breeches buoy. Ronan O’Rahilly was able to secure the Cheeta II radio ship from Scandinavia as a temporary replacement ,and Caroline South resumed broadcasting on Sunday, 6th March from the Cheeta II.  

Track one is Tony Blackburn’s breakfast show, “The Yawners Club”, broadcasting from the Cheeta II during that month.  Track two is from Easter Sunday, 10th April, 1966, and features Graham Webb and Dave Lee Travis from the Cheeta II.   Track three is from 18th April, 1966, featuring a delighted Tony Blackburn broadcasting again from the Mi Amigo on 259 metres, with the new 50kw transmitter and a brand new jingle package. Includes a historic live link up between Tony Blackburn, on the Mi Amigo, and Graham Webb who was still broadcasting on 199 metres from the Cheeta II".

0199 to 259 Ross top 20 CD

The final hour of broadcasting from the international waters of the North Sea, Sadly no one knew it back then.


As Neil Gates entertained his late night audience between midnight and 0100 on 5th November 1990 the darkest of clouds were gathering over Free Radio. Draconian legislation came into force that made the 1967 laws seem mild and the previous years raid seem tame. As it happened bad weather took the ship out of action. Caroline was to continue but in a way that was hardly dreamed of back in 1990. Listen one more time to the unique offshore sound that was Caroline from the Ross Revenge...

Radio Caroline Easter 1986.

The 22nd Birthday, The Top 20 as broadcast on 30th March 1986.

This CD with full sleeve notes and colour cover and cd label. Over 74 minutes with Simon Barrett and at the top of the hour Tom Anderson. Relive YOUR classic Caroline songs, jingles, Jay Jackson reading the news and on air banter from The Ross Revenge at the height of its broadcast era from the North Sea.

Produced for RCS by Horizon  with original off air recordings

by Peter Barnett.

Caroline ‘For the moment goodbye’

with Stevie Gordon & Tom Anderson

On March 19th 1980 Radio Caroline’s  ship Mi Amigo broke anchor again and while the crew lowered a spare the drift was halted with the vessel in shallow water and heavy seas. As the rising tide lifted her and pounded her old hull on the seabed, many leaks sprang up in the engine and generator rooms at the stern. After struggling for eight hours with portable pumps the crew admitted defeat. Stevie Gordon and Tom Anderson told listeners ' It's not a very good occasion really, we have to hurry this because the lifeboat is waiting. We're not leaving and disappearing, we're going into the lifeboat hoping that the pumps can take it, if so, we'll be back, if not, well we really don't like to say it. I'm sure we'll be back one way or another. For the moment from all of us, goodbye and God Bless'. These were the last words spoken on air from the Mi Amigos transmitters. 79 minutes

‘Radio Sunk’

with Johnny Lewis

Past Masters No 4

This recording was made late October 1987 with  Johnny Lewis running a test transmission (on the Laser ship MV Communicator) with a fun ID of "Radio Sunk". After that test nothing further was heard from the Laser ship from the international waters of the North Sea. Johnny of course would be heard again in a long career at sea and on land that continues to this day, including regular Saturday shows on Radio Caroline.

79 minutes - good quality

‘Caroline Continues’

with Johnnie Walker & Robbie Dale

Through spring and summer of 1967 the offshore stations campaigned against the proposed Marine Broadcasting Offences Act. Politicians were deluged with mail from supporters , creating more correspondence on the subject than on any other matter troubling the population. Clearly public opinion counted for little and the Act made inexorable progress toward becoming law by midnight on August 14th. While others planned to close Caroline’s Ronan O'Rahilly was adamant that Caroline would continue... During August 14th, station after station made their emotional farewells and shut off their transmitters. All day, listeners had been retuning to Caroline. On the South ship Mi Amigo, only Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale and news reader Ross Brown remained loyal. At midnight with an estimated twenty million people listening Walker took Caroline into its new era pledging that the station belonged to its listeners, that it would continue and that the legislation had actually acknowledged Caroline's legality.  79 minutes

This CD tells the dramatic story, as it unfolded live on air. of how the British and Dutch governments colluded to raid illegally Radio Caroline on her ship Ross Revenge, broadcasting Love and Good Music from international waters, back in 1989.

In the accompanying booklet, Caroline`s Peter Moore sets the scene and explains the consequences for Caroline and free speech in the aftermath of these extraordinary events.

One to collect for all fans of Radio Caroline and Free Radio.

No Man Will Ever Forget

Visit our extensive book page to buy the double souvenir of  the Radio Jackie book PLUS this great new audio CD. The CD comes complete with extensive sleeve notes  on this famous land based station that  defied the establishment for so long

If you already have the book then you can still buy the new audio CD on its own here

Caroline Returns on 319 metres August 20th 1983

After a long absence following the dramatic loss of her ship Mi Amigo (see Past Masters 6) Radio Caroline was well and truly back. She was loud and clear, from a shiny new ship, The MV Ross Revenge, with an incredible new 300 foot transmitter mast.

Station founder Ronan O`Rahilly said at the time “It has taken ten miracles to get Caroline back and I`m not sure that I understand yet how it happened” .

This surviving recording recaptures the start of Caroline`s last great era broadcasting from the international waters of the North Sea before governments and the elements finally forced her off the high seas.

70 minutes

Caroline Returns

Throughout Caroline and free radio history fans and staff have  recorded notable moments, sometimes not realising their significance at the time.  In our  Past Masters Series and other rare recordings  we bring enthusiasts some of  these memories to enjoy... Remember quality of  the historic recordings  will be of its era but  we  do clean up the whistles crackles and pops of the medium wave where we can, without spoiling the atmosphere!

Radio Caroline & Free Radio’s Extraordinary History...                  



'No Man will ever forget' - The Raid on Caroline August 19th 1989 -  WITH BOOKLET


Past Masters Series...  ‘ Historic and Archive Material for the serious free radio enthusiast'

'Caroline Returns'  - Past Masters No. 7 with Tom Anderson from The Ross Revenge


'Caroline - For the moment goodbye' - Past Masters No. 6 with Stevie Gordon & Tom Anderson £5.99

'Caroline Continues' - Past Masters No. 5 with Johnnie Walker & Robbie Dale


'Radio Sunk' - Past Masters No. 4 with Johnny Lewis


'199 to 259' - Past Masters No. 3 with Tony Blackburn, Graham Webb & DLT


'The Jack Spector Show' - Past Masters No. 2  - rare New York studio recording


'The Tony Allan Show' - Past Masters No. 1  - from the Mi Amigo back off the English coast


'Radio Caroline - The Final Hour' - The last show from the Ross Revenge at sea


Radio Caroline Easter 1986 Listeners Top 20 -  22nd Birthday celebration


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Did you know Radio Caroline presenter Barry James used to be a rock ‘n’ roll singer? Back in 1974 Barry and former band mate Pip Cove recorded two songs they had written for a single. Pip wrote the lyrics and Barry came up with the music.

Unfortunately, stardom didn’t beckon and Barry instead joined Caroline in 1977, where he spent ten years as part of the Caroline Roadshow team before eventually becoming a presenter on the station.  

The two songs they recorded all those years ago – See How You Like It and Quarter to Three – were forgotten about.

Barry recently came across recordings of the tracks and has made them available on a CD exclusively to Radio Caroline listeners through our web shop, with all proceeds going towards the running costs of Radio Caroline and Ross Revenge.

5 minutes 46 seconds

THEN AND NOW – Barry James Music CD