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Official Radio Caroline Cards, Posters & Pictures...

Updates of our A4 prints of Radio Caroline‘s main ships across the years. Every one individually mounted as canvas textured frame pictures…

The MV Caroline (Fredericia) as Caroline North off the Isle of Man in the 60’s (courtesy Terry Bate via

The Mi Amigo as Caroline South (courtesy Steam Tug Brent Trust as featured in our quality A2 poster)

The Mi Amigo (courtesy Radio Caroline’s Martin Fisher) in the 70’s

The Ross Revenge in her prime with the big mast the 80’s

(courtesy Eylard Harmsen)

 ‘MV Caroline’ 60’s, ‘Mi Amigo’ 60’s & 70’s ‘Ross Revenge’ 80’s on A4 Canvas frames...                £17.49

Mi Amigo Seventies canvas image MV Caroline canvas image

MV Caroline (former Fredericia) as Caroline North…       

MI Amigo broadcasting in her final Seventies era…        

Ross Revenge in the Eighties…             

Mi Amigo canvas image Ross Revenge canvas image

MI Amigo as Caroline South in The Sixties… .       

1960’s Mi Amigo canvas

MV Caroline (North) canvas

1970’s Mi Amigo canvas

1980’s Ross revenge canvas

All above images will be hand stretched and wrapped round canvas wood frame. Finished product will therefore vary slightly

Made to order, hand finished and individually dispatched…

Original 558 stock


A superb 16.5 inch x 23.5 inch (42 cm x 59.5 cm) colour poster of the Caroline ship Ross Revenge in her heyday of broadcasting at sea.

These are classic Caroline items (not reprints) so customers will have to accept condition may vary.  Our volunteer team will pick out the very best for you.

Our other iconic 1984 Top 500 poster is however now sadly sold out! Thanks for all who have supported us by buying one!


‘Mi Amigo Sixties’ Posters                                                                           £12.99 each or £23.99 for two posters

This rare photograph of the Mi Amigo is from the early 1960’s  as a quality A2 (four times a sheet of A4) poster print. Now also as a fabulous A4 canvas photo print frame to match our 70’s and 80’s ones below..

Our thanks to the ‘Steam Tug Brent Trust’ for the image. A donation to their project will be made for every poster sold.

All other profits will, as always, fully go to preserving and restoring Radio Caroline’s current ship Ross Revenge currently having a new generator and broadcast mast fitted in Tilbury docks.

All posters will be carefully printed to order and dispatched directly from our printer rolled in protective tubes.


Caroline A2 Mi Amigo Poster



Radio Caroline -  Ross Revenge - at The Blackwater River Estuary - A4 Canvas print

Having left Tilbury docks the Ross Revenge arrived at The River Blackwater 1st August 2014.

As well as gracing the cover of our 2015 wall calendar we thought you would like the chance to buy it as a complementary canvas print

Photo courtesy  Ian Thurgood

Made to order, hand finished and individually dispatched…

Each is hand stretched to wooden frame so finished product may vary slightly from due to photo wrap of displayed image border enlarging ship on wrapped frame

Ross Revenge Blackwater canvas

  Radio Caroline Ross Revenge at Sunset -  20 Blank-Inside Message Cards                                      £10.99

Radio Caroline Ross Revenge at sea in the late Eighties with her ‘temporary’ twin masts.

Twenty in A6 when folded size complete with envelopes.

Photo courtesy Graham Croft.

Caroline logo and message on back

Inside blank for year round use and not just at Holiday times.


20 Cards

For any occasion or a message in A6 size complete with envelopes

  Caroline’s Ross Revenge from the Air - Blank-Inside Message Cards - Two designs in packs of 20           £10.99

Radio Caroline Ross Revenge from the air Cards.

Ten each of two designs in A6 when folded size complete with envelopes. Both are from the air in 1985 courtesy of Jon Bird.

Caroline logo and message on back

Inside blank for year round use and not just at Holiday times.

Ten each of two designs

For any occasion or a message in A6 size complete with envelopes

Caroline Ross card two pic Ross 1985 card one pic

£ 17.49

Print from a Superbly Atmospheric Oil Painting by Nick Boyce

£ 25.00

Available Now:

Prints from an oil painting of the Ross Revenge on a moonlit night, created by our Boat Skipper Nick Boyce.

We have turned the image into a small batch of art prints on A2 paper, with a narrow border all round.

Each print will be signed and numbered by Nick and sent in a postal cardboard tube for you to frame. We have been able to trim the cost down to £25 per print plus postage and these are available from stock now

All purchases are subject to terms & conditions as stated on the web shop Home Page

Caroline 2019 Calendar

No Longer Available:

The 2019 Caroline Calendar, featuring the Ross Revenge, through the eyes of our listeners.

Sold Out - Sorry


The Caroline Chrismas Card for 2018 - Pack of 40

£ 9.99

Available Now in UK:

Limited Stock.

The 2018 Radio Caroline Christmas Card, now in a new size, from a beautiful oil painting by Caroline’s supply-boat skipper and fisherman Nick Boyce.

Size A6 (from folded A5), 400 gsm silk finish, full colour cards, pre-folded and with envelopes. Available as a pack of 40 cards.

Due to the postal costs, we are ONLY offering these cards for order WITHIN THE UK.

These unique cards are very popular - so prompt ordering is recommended.

Sold Out