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Exclusive DVD’s - Including Rare Footage of the Offshore Era of Radio Caroline...              

Radio Caroline’s ‘50th Birthday Bash’ party was held on March 8th 2014 at the Corn Exchange Rochester. If you were there, or if you were unlucky and missed it, this is the DVD set for you.

The daytime featured Radio Caroline legends from all the Offshore eras, hosted by Roger Twiggy Day, Bob Lawrence and Peter Philips, followed by Q & A on today and the future with Peter Moore.

The presentation finishes off with Charlie Dore and her guest choir with a unique presentation of her hit ‘Pilot Of The Airwaves’ It was the last song played on Radio Caroline from the International Waters of the North Sea on 5th November 1990.

The Final Hour’ is available on our ‘Listen’ Page.

All for you to keep, from this one off event celebrating 50 years passed and that Caroline Continues…

Disk 1: 1960’s & 1970’s:

Disk 2: 1980’s then Questions & Answers (Past - Present - Future)

Over four hours on two Standard Definition DVD’s - PAL Widescreen

‘Radio Caroline 50 Years On’ Corn Exchange Rochester March 8th 2014  -  ‘50th Birthday Bash’ Souvenir DVD SET    £11.99

From Shipwreck to Salvation DVD

‘FROM SHIPWRECK TO SALVATION’ - DVD                                                                      EXCLUSIVE  £11.99  

Once twice three Times a Lady

Take a trip round the Ross Revenge as we jump aboard and catch up at Canary Wharf at the 1995 RSL with technical information about the ship and broadcast equipment

We then take a trip back to 1978 for a look around the most famous and much missed Caroline ship Mi Amigo broadcasting from the international waters of the North Sea.

Finally we go forward in time to the Maidstone studios back in 2001 where Caroline established firmly itself in the satellite and internet era and still broadcasts from today

75 minutes

Once - Twice - Three Times a Lady DVD - From RSL’s to offshore era to the first land studio     £17.99

Caroline Club Movie

Caroline Club Movie from 1965

Originally made available to Caroline Club members in 1965, this short movie takes you on a tour around prestigious Caroline House in Chesterfield Gardens and out from Harwich for a look around the Mi Amigo. See Carl Conway, Don Allan, Keith Skues and many more during Caroline’s first era. Take a look in the studios, record library and bridge.Take a trip out on the ships lifeboat and see her from afar.

13 minutes black and white from original cine film of the time

A collectors item now in souvenir DVD sleeve

Caroline Club Movie from 1965 - Rare collectors item           


This DVD documentary tells the story of the landbased “pirate” radio stations that took over when the popular offshore stations were forced to close.

See and hear again some of the top stations like Radio Jackie, Radio Kaleidoscope, Invicta and Skyline – and meet the people who made them happen all those years ago. The documentary contains early video footage of some of the stations as well as recent interviews with their operators.

Widescreen PAL • 65 minutes

FREE RADIO ‘The story of Clandestine Radio in the UK’ - DVD                                                            £13.25

Free Radio DVD image The Ross's Revenge

Ross Revenge DVD Slideshow Tilbury Docks 2006/2007

All the pictures from the volunteer restoration crew at Tilbury on a handy DVD format that you can use on your PC or in any modern PAL standard DVD player.

Spend an hour all around the Ross Revenge as you witness the enormous task of restoring this historic radio ship which spent a record breaking time broadcasting from the harsh North Sea. Bonus sound track includes jingles and events in Caroline’s history. Extra amateur video clips are included of the move to Tilbury docks and the hard work de-rusting and painting the ships hull.

Your purchase will help ensure this last great radio ship is preserved and can continue to be restored

Ross Slideshow

Radio Caroline’s best selling video re-mastered

This is a no holds barred, hands on production showing maintenance and restoration work onboard the Ross Revenge from 2001 to 2003.

See the engine overhaul & the pipe work refit. Learn about the ships transmitters & the antics of the restoration crew and Caroline DJ’s at The ‘Pirates Festival’. View extracts of Tony Allan recording his "Tony Allan Special" in the ships studios & a short tour of the Radio Veronica ship, Norderney.

Note on ‘DVD recordable’ format used for this special video. Most DVD players since 2003 can play all formats including our recommended DVD -R type. DVD players from approx 2001-2003 may only play one of DVD -R or DVD +R format. Please check your players instructions before ordering, especially if made before 2001 as such machine may not play ‘recordable’ format at. Most PC DVD drives can play all formats.

Featuring all this Easter`s English and Dutch Radio Caroline presenters from the Mi Amigo 1970`s era,  as they get  together to broadcast again 30 years on. See them interviewed, broadcasting and having great fun on board  Caroline`s Ross  Revenge. The weekend was broadcast around the world via digital satellite, the internet and special radio relays.30 minutes plus slideshow and Spoof Trailer!  Wide screen PAL DVD

The 1970`s Caroline broadcasters reunion featured ...

Cliff Osbourne, Kees Borrell, Ad Roberts, Bob Lawrence, Brian Martin, Roger Mathews, Mike Stevens, Martin Fisher, Marc Jacobs & Dick Verheul

Easter 2008 DVD Caroline`s Mi Amigo DVD-R edition for most DVD players Alternative DVD+R edition

Radio Caroline Easter 2008 - The reunion  DVD                                                                                      £9.99

ROSS REVENGE DVD Slideshow - from the volunteer restoration crew                                            £6.99

The ‘Ross’s Revenge’ DVD Video...                                                                                                          £13.99 DVD

Radio Nord - Pirate & Pioneer     PAL DVD                                                                                                   £12.99

Radio Nord DVD

The remarkable story of the pioneering Swedish Radio Station from the MV Bon Jour later renamed as Mi Amigo.

It includes the engineering and political battles that had to be won through first hand interviews with many of those involved, their fans and the Swedish artists they made big careers for. Some unique footage of Sweden in the early 1960’s including aboard the ship from The Baltic Sea.        

After being banned in 1962 the ship came alive again in 1964, briefly as Radio Atlanta and then home to Radio Caroline South in the 1960’s, to survive as Radio Caroline’s ship through the 1970’s until sadly lost in 1980.

Edited and directed by Johan Sköld in 2011 with English sub titles. Additional narration by Radio Caroline’s Pat Edison. Introduced by Jan Kotschack in memory of his father Jack. founder of this short lived but  popular station. Radio Nord did much to set the scene for the stations that followed.

DVD PAL 4:3 Picture Ratio Main Feature 63 minutes 33 seconds

Ross Revenge Live Broadcast of Easter 2016 - Behind-The-Scenes & More


Be there - on-board (virtually) - to re-live the long weekend of Caroline’s highly successful Easter 2016 live broadcast from the Ross Revenge.

Around two and a half hours of thoughtfully edited entertainment, varying from “fly on the wall” accounts (“warts & all”) of what went on behind the scenes, through to guided and photographic tours of innermost sanctums and occasional thoughtful moments, not to mention the dramatic ravages (-ish) of Storm Katie, all accompanied by classic Caroline favourite music (off-air and soundtrack).

If you’re serious about Caroline, or simply intrigued, you’re going to need this one!

As supplied free to those who donated money towards upkeep and expansion
of the station and her spiritual home - the Ross Revenge

The Great Tilbury Escape (of 2014)


Revealing and scenic glimpses of a voyage from Tilbury to Blackwater

…that almost didn’t happen.

The Port of Tilbury had been home to our ship the Ross Revenge for ten years, but the port authority eventually decided that it was time for her to either leave or be compulsorily scrapped.

On the last day of July 2014 we sneaked her out on to the Thames and headed for a new location on the wide River Blackwater in Essex.

This approximately one-hour DVD, with backing tracks of poignant songs, presents the background, the final preparations, the departure, the voyage and the final arrival at Bradwell, where she now sits at anchor.

As supplied free to those who donated money towards upkeep and expansion of the station and her spiritual home - the Ross Revenge.

All purchases are subject to terms & conditions as stated on the web shop Home Page

MOA 50 Clacton 2017


Commemoration: 50th Anniversary of the Marine Offences Act

MOA 50 is a record of our event in Clacton in August 2017, marking the 50th anniversary of the Marine Offences Act.


Compered by our very own Ray Clark, see all the presentations on stage across the day, including:

Plus live music from:

Duration: Three hours and nearly 20 minutes.

Out of Stock